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Contact Us

Phagelux Canada Inc.

6100 Royalmount Avenue

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tel: +1 514-496-5452



About Us

Phagelux is committed to become a world leader in anti-bacterial solutions. Our goal isto save lives and improve antibacterial treatments.   

Talent Concept

Phagelux values talent, initiative, collaboration and commitment. Beyondthis we are looking for individuals who are passionate about creating andcommercializing great science.


Phagelux believes in employee careerdevelopment. Webelieve that this means improving both company and individual performancethrough providing both formal training plans and on the job learningopportunities.

Lives of Employees

Phagelux tries to balance personal and corporate lives. But, make no mistake, we look for individuals that are dedicated toimproving healthcare through cutting edge science.

SIP Plan

Phagelux believes that employees should benefit from the value they create for the company.  Phagelux has established a StockIncentivePlan for all employees.  This plan is designed to encourage employees to make contributionstothe companyandrewards them for doing so. All employees either are shareholders or in the future will be shareholders. Employees must be at the company for 2 years before their shares under a Stock Incentive Plan begin to vest.

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